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VCP Academia offers training to transfer the knowledge, insight and skills needed to manage your IT Services effectively. We offer courses such as BIG DATA, DevOps, Internet Of Things (IoT), Machine Learning, Hadoop, Pyathon, Digital Marketing, Google AdWord, PHP WordPress, Advance Java and ISTQB for testing professionals.

Besides technology programs VCP is also a major consultant for industry best practices covering a wide variety of certifications in IT Service Management (ITIL & ITSM), Project Management (PMP & PRINCE2), Quality Management, and International Organizational Standards (ISO)

Our well-integrated Training Solutions help employees of a company develop across the learning curve in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Overall, Training helps employees gain confidence in the company and align themselves with the company’s goals and objectives.

We create engaging and effective Learning Programs and Learning Content which results in fast learning and good retention. Again, in a world of fast-changing regulations and rapid technological advancements, we ensure that employees are regularly updated. Also, we help ambitious employees scale up the Corporate ladder.

Soft Skills Training

Apart from the technical skills or knowledge gained from academics, soft skills have been substantiated to give an ‘edge’ to any professional, around the world. With the help of our training program, we help professionals develop effective communication skills, the right positive self-image, presentation skills, time management skills, the right etiquette, team work and group dynamics, effective decision making, negotiation skills and social skills.

New Employee Orientation

The program could be rightly termed as the ‘icebreaker session’ between an organization and its new employee. We offer a cohesive program that educates a new employee on his/her responsibilities, rewards, and opportunities. The employee is introduced to the company processes and values. All of this helps the organization make a good first impression—which is also a long-lasting impact—on the new employee, inciting enthusiasm and pride.

Business Process Training

Every business is defined by the efficiency of its business process that is driven by a highly efficient workforce. Our Business Process Training program emphasizes on imparting the relevant process knowledge to an employee so that he or she is prepared to be an effective contributor to an organization’s growth. Furthermore, employees are constantly upgraded against processes transformations, increasing the company’s adaptability in a competitive market.

Leadership Coaching

Our Leadership Coaching program prepares managers and leaders of organizations to gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence required to progress further, individually as well as a team. We help managers inculcate the right mindset so that they are able to inspire their team members to a sense of ownership and bring out their true potential. We also train on how to face sudden market challenges like a true leader and set higher goals.

Executive Coaching

Our approach to Executive Coaching stems from the understanding of how previous Executives gained their success, their approach to problems, their traits, and their worldview. With the help of this information that is accumulated from the intense research, we analyze the new Executives’ specific needs and help them in identifying areas of improvement for the future. We give and receive constructive feedback and collaborate and develop practicable action plans.

Sales Training

It is the Sales Team that fights the real battle on the field. The true success of an organization is defined by its skilled personnel who stand out in making a positive impact on their customers. Our training service is a plethora of world-class selling skills coupled with personality development sessions that makes the customer-facing individual extremely confident and impactful. We also teach them how to tackle the stress of reaching real figures take on challenges.

Selling Skills Training

We help aspiring Sales and Marketing professionals to develop and polish their selling skills by our in-house “Selling Skills course”. This is a 6-day training spread over 3 weeks and imparts skills to excel in the field of Sales, Marketing, and Business Development. Also, we provide meritorious candidates with placement assistance. Interested candidates must qualify by clearing a written test for this program. For details, please contact us.

Recruitment Training

Recruitment Training is one of a kind training that we provide at The Ladder to Graduates and MBA students who aspire to pursue a career in Recruitment. The 30-days training program involves making sure that the candidate is given the right guidance, skills and knowledge to secure a job that fits him/her best. The aim of this program is to ensure that the candidate is prepared to face real-time challenges in today’s dynamic HR industry.This program also includes placement assistance.

Employability Skills Training

You can call Employability Skills Training the most proactive training program that understands the challenge of equipping the qualified workforce available in the current market with necessary skills to fit a Job Role. It aims at bridging the gap between what the current industry needs and what the skilled and qualified candidates have to offer. With the Nation’s economy growing at a fast pace, Skills Training is indispensible with respect to business growth.

Personal Branding of Senior Management

In general, personal brand does matter and a leader’s personal brand clearly establishes the image of the group they lead. Our experts at ‘The Ladder’ have weaved this program to guide any organization’s senior executives towards aligning their key areas of expertise, strengths, passions, and other relevant personal attributes with the organization’s requirements and objectives to build their very own brand. Learning how to manage Social Media also plays a key role.