At ‘VCP’ we believe that hiring the right talent is an asset-building endeavor – an investment for a company’s brighter future. Our process of hiring commences with a well-determined objective of fulfilling our client’s recruitment requirement after analyzing the gap between the current and future trends within the industry. We provide versatile and pragmatic staffing solutions that help our clients achieve their business goals. Our strategic goal as a staffing organization is to build and provide a workforce that bridges the gap with the right talent for our clients.

Permanent Staffing

Our Insight Makes the Big Difference for You!

hr-payroll-475x423In an evolving business world, permanency is an aspect that most firms as well as job seekers aspire for. Our expertise in the field of permanent recruitment helps us understand the needs of the clients accordingly and provide the right fit for the organization. We help our clients all the way from the beginning – from sourcing, screening, and selection of candidate profiles to the follow-up and completion of joining formalities.

Temporary Staffing

Delivering on Time, Every Time

human-resources-imgOrganizations mostly turn towards Temporary staff to fulfill their business requirements during a peak period in a given year or to compensate for employee shortage due to various reasons. Our network and database of the relevant talent pool across the country and robust recruitment process used, helps us fulfill the need for temporary staff for our clients with ease on a short notice. We have a good track record of delivering in challenging deadlines.

Contract Staffing

Ensuring Quality Manpower

bigstock-Global-Human-Resources-Busines-copy (1)With the help of our contract staffing solution, we assist our clients in getting through the highs and lows during a project’s tenure by providing skilled and qualified professionals to fulfill the temporary requirement. We ensure that our client gains access to a highly skilled professional with good work experience so that it saves the organization valuable resources and time which would have otherwise been spent on training the candidate.