Within this competitive business environment, HR processes have evolved to become highly challenging. They are more focused on developing an employee’s experience and productivity for building a robust system for the growth of an organization. Our solutions experts at ‘VCP’ focus on creating HR Process Outsourcing solutions for any organization as the means to control costs, enhance employee experience, provide accurate analytics and manage the broadening HR trends for the firm.

Payroll Services – Ensuring Smooth Sailing

We help manage payroll including services such as Payroll Processing, Salary Cost Reports, Direct Deposit Management, Appraisals and Assessments, and other services, all the way from Full Payroll Outsourcing to simple consultation and setting up of Self-Directed Payroll Management. The solutions we provide ensure that the organization’s processes are capable of coping with its own growth and forays into multiple geographies. We also manage the security and confidentiality of payroll, structured maintenance of employee data, and access to accurate and timely pay slips.

HR Roadmap and Policies Design

“Best Practices Make a Best Work Environment” Well-documented HR policies and roadmaps establish a firm’s beliefs, standards and functions. We at ‘The Ladder’, assist organizations in designing policies and procedures that guide managers and employees through its practical application. We ensure that the policies designed prove to be substantial evidence from the organization’s side, that it has taken the necessary precautions to reduce potential business risks and illicit business practices and behaviors.

Our comprehensive HR Policy and Procedure Manual or Employee Handbook is tailor-made to our client’s requirements and organizational structure which broadly includes Equal Employment Opportunity, Anti-bullying Measures, Anti-harassment Measures, use of email, Internet and Social Media, Addressing Grievances, Occupational Health and Safety, Drug and Alcohol issues, Return to Work, Code of Conduct, Gifts and Favors, and Leave provisions (including Personal, Bereavement / Compassionate, Annual, Parental and Long Service Leave)