VCP Soft Solutions deals into Business Promotion & Development services, which are incomplete without implementation of Marketing Strategies, Media Planning & engaging smart advertising. We provide Consulting, Implementation, Planning & Execution of combination of activities which makes your Promotion & Brand image ultimate Success.

Various activities involved Business Promotions may be classified on several basis.
1) Advertisements, Banners, Events, Canopies
2) Electronic, Website, Promoting Online, Print, Outdoors

World of technology have led to boom of the different form of medium to set forward the marketing and advertising message to the target audience. Just confining to marketing and promotion by utilizing the traditional medium of promotion lacks in 360 degree approach for communication which is essence of the present times.

The increase of the medium have no doubt has fragmented the audience and to reach the target the collaborative integrated marketing and promotional campaign being the need of hours.

Brand Management Services offered by VCP Soft Solutions includes: Brand Management, Brand Strategy, Market Research, Brand Implementation, Corporate Identity, Product Development, Multilingual Branding and Brand Architecture.

Offline – Print & Electronic Media

  1. Public Relations (PR)- Media, Sponsorship, Events
  2. Advertising – Press, Poster, Radio, Television
  3. Direct Marketing – Direct Mailers or Newsletter, Door to Door Campaigns, Direct Response TV

Viral Marketing & Advertising

Viral marketing and Viral advertising covers marketing strategies that use pre-existing social networks to develop brand awareness or to achieve other marketing objectives through self-replicating viral processes.

We provide viral marketing that uses power of the Internet to promote your product or brand and drive more visitors to your website. Marketing is an Interactive platform where you can promote your Brand product and service in a related community or group interact with the light minded People Explore Business Opportunities and Exchange the ideas and thoughts. Social Media Marketing is more or less a kind word of mouth which may work as a miracle for your referrals and if done effectively can spread like a viral Marketing Campaigns do.