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Understanding the Differences Between B2B & B2C Marketing

There is a difference between marketing to business and marketing to a consumer, believe it or not. Although you are still selling a product to a person, experience shows that the difference between these two types of markets runs deep. When you market to a B2B, you will realize that businesses work hard to streamline… Continue reading Understanding the Differences Between B2B & B2C Marketing

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Marketing Strategies vs Marketing Plans

Learn the Difference Between These Key Business Elements It's not uncommon for people to confuse the difference between a marketing strategy and a marketing plan. I've found the easiest way to explain the difference is like this: Marketing Strategy - Your marketing strategy is an explanation of the goals you need to achieve with your… Continue reading Marketing Strategies vs Marketing Plans

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Outsource Your Marketing

There are times that a company seeks to outsource their marketing efforts. Often, when a company does this, they seek out marketing consultants. A marketing consultant works with companies to create and implement marketing strategies. A great marketing consultant will be able to not only think creatively but analytically. "Outsourcing to a marketing consultant allows… Continue reading Outsource Your Marketing